See Inside Donald Trump’s Insane Gold-Plated Plane

by : UNILAD on : 11 Nov 2016 09:34

To the shock of many, Donald Trump is on his way to becoming President of the United States. He’ll be given the keys to nuclear codes, the White House and to his very own private presidential plane, Air Force One.


But Air Force One will probably be like an Asda-own brand of champagne compared to his 2004 Dom Pérignon.

While politicians in the UK often have to jump in campaign buses or grab a train, Trump is being whisked around in complete and utter luxury.

His super-indulgent Boeing 757-200, which he bought in 2011, includes a gold silk bedroom complete with custom-designed everything and a cinema:


It also includes another cinema:


And another cinema:


And a gold sink:


With a top speed of more than 500mph, room for 43 passengers, 24-carat gold plated seat belts ‘as well as everything else’ and powered by Rolls Royce engines, ‘Trump Force One’ is teetering on the edge of fucking ridiculous.

During his campaign, Trump boasted he would swap out Air Force One with his private jet. But a U.S. official told CNN it would be ‘nearly functionally impossible’ for a President Trump to fly on anything other than the Air Force One, which is owned by the U.S. military.


Which is probably for the best – it’s hard to be a representative for the average middle-class American while flying in pure gold.

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