See RollerCoaster Tycoon-Inspired Planet Coaster In Action


ss_0a71684951f4ac4f0809e7adfc8a824f046ce6d3.1920x1080Whatever your opinion on business/simulation games, I feel confident in saying we can all agree that RollerCoaster Tycoon games were the fucking nuts. 

Great news then, as developer Frontier is working on a game called Planet Coaster, and it looks like it’s set to deliver all our theme park building needs in spectacular fashion.


For those that might not know, Frontier previously worked on games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Elite: Dangerous, so the team probably knows what it’s doing.

Planet Coaster has been kicking around in Alpha form for a while now, with the majority of people who’ve spent time with it having had a grand old time creating and managing their own parks – by all accounts, it’s shaping up nicely.

The PC title was announced back at E3, and a brand new (albeit punishingly short) gameplay teaser was recently shared by the developers – check it out below.

The new teaser was released to celebrate the fact that Planet Coaster can now be pre-ordered on Steam.

Planet Coaster: Thrillseeker Edition costs £30 to pre-order, and includes the base game, the Thrillseeker downloadable content, access to the beta ahead of launch, and a few other extra treats from the developers.

Planet Coaster comes exclusively to PC on November 17, and claims to ‘redefine coaster park simulation’ – we’ll have to wait and see whether this bold statement rings true.