See Super Mario 64’s Peach Castle Faithfully Recreated in Halo 5


Super Mario 64 is an iconic game, and none of its locations are more familiar to gamers than Peach’s Castle. Understandably, this beloved hub has been recreated in everything from Minecraft to Unreal Engine, and now, one plucky Halo 5 player has had a go. 

Thanks to Halo 5’s nifty Forge mode (in which players can create their own multiplayer maps) user Bearskopff has been hard at work on a fair few maps for the FPS. Past efforts have included Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid and the Battle of Hoth from Star Wars. 

Not content to leave it there though, he’s managed to absolutely nail the look and feel of the N64 classic. The pipe is your spawn point (obviously), each brick in the castle is a single object, and he’s used special lighting effects to give the map a cartoonish appearance.

If you’re itching to have a go yourself (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can find and download the map by searching for Bearskopff’s Gamertag.

Bearskopff had actually intended to faithfully restore the entire surrounding area of Peach’s Castle as it was back in the day. Alas, Halo 5 will only allow 1024 available objects per Forge Map, with his finished product coming in at 1023. Everyone keep ’em crossed for developer 343 to up the object count, so that Bearskopff and players like him can continue to create ever more incredible maps for us mortals to enjoy.