Seeing How Pop Rots Teeth Is A Whole Load Of NOPE

by : UNILAD on : 16 Oct 2015 21:47
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You know how your mum and dentist always told you that drinking too much pop would kill your teeth?


You probably ignored them, and carried on anyway, but you might want to reassess that stance after seeing these pictures.

They show what drinking fizzy drinks 24/7 can do to your teeth, and needless to say, the results aren’t pleasant.

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One dental surgeon has claimed she has to put hundreds of kids under aesthetic, and remove their rotted teeth after their parents let them drink too many sugary drinks and eat a whole load of crap.


Sophie Beaumont from The Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne said:

It is certainly not uncommon to do multiple extractions on young children, often if there is one tooth with severe decay then there will be others that are just as bad.

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So cut out the pop, get out the toothbrush and clean your teeth at least twice a day.

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