SEGA Thanks Sonic Fans With Bizarre Video Of Real Hedgehog


Whatever your opinions on Sonic The Hedgehog, you cannot deny that his marketing team have been on point lately. In their most recent stroke of madness/genius, they’ve placed a real (confused) hedgehog in a cardboard recreation of the Green Hill Zone in celebration of Groundhog Day. As you do.

You can watch the video below, in which the spiky little critter bustles around collecting rings and knocking shit over (all to the annoyingly catchy City Escape song from Sonic Adventure 2). If this is a sign of things to come, hopefully Nintendo will celebrate Mario’s next birthday by throwing a plumber into the sewers to fight a giant turtle.

Anyway, in a statement from SEGA, they thank fans for their continued support towards the blue blur and promise that this, his 25th anniversary year, will be an exciting time to be a Sonic fan.

Rumours abound that SEGA and Sonic Team are planning a brand new game for the birthday shenanigans, especially since the unveiling of a new 25th anniversary logo. Whether it be Sonic Adventure 3, Generations 2, or simply a five hour long apology for Sonic ’06, we will continue to look on with interest.