Selena Gomez Shockingly Fat-Shamed Over Latest Bikini Photos

by : UNILAD on : 18 Mar 2018 21:24

Celebrities can’t seem to go anywhere without being papped with the photos inevitably appearing in the papers, gossip magazines and occasionally viral news sites.


There is a specific type of photo though the trashy tabloids get particularly hungry for which, of course, is the bikini snap.

And when these photos are published, it seems guaranteed that comments about the female celebrity’s size and weight will be mentioned by readers.


Touching down in Sydney ahead of the Hillsong Church’s Colour Conference, 25-year-old Selena Gomez decided to put on a bikini and soak up some sun on a luxury yacht in the city’s harbour, as she has every right to.


Beaming in the sunshine, the pop sensation was enjoying spending some time with her friends one week after her relationship with Justin Bieber came to an end.

Of course though she couldn’t be left to enjoy her downtime as paparazzi snapped several photos of the star that were published in the media today.

Like so:

Despite Selena looking gorgeous, happy and healthy, internet trolls flocked to social media to make comments about her body shape, unfairly calling her ‘fat’, ‘pregnant’ and ‘ugly’.

Thomas McLaren, who clearly can’t recognise beauty when he sees it, wrote:

She’s 25? She has the body of a 45 year old mother of five!


Abdallah Shaban Jr. tried to cover up the fact that he is a troll by ‘apologising’ first writing:

I am sorry but she’s so fat! What happened to the old Selena?

An anonymous user too scared to use a real name was particularly cruel unnecessarily commenting:

Acting and singing career? Looks? Love life? Oh dear… Selena ate them all.

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As if these comments weren’t tasteless enough, several years ago Selena Gomez revealed a long-term struggle with the autoimmune disease lupus, which has caused her to take time out from her touring schedule.

Thankfully for every vile comment there were 10 criticising the trolls reminding them that they have no right to comment on another woman’s shape and size.

Samantha Armour hit back commenting:

Hilarious when you see a gorgeous woman who has been through a hell of a lot, who isn’t size zero getting comments about her body.

Honestly is this what society is? I’d rather see someone this size looking happy and healthy than a tiny woman with bones sticking out all over the place looking miserable.

Leona O’Sullivan also responded to the trolls writing:

OMG, people are so nasty no wonder why the world is full of hate. Maybe she realises there’s more to life than being stick thin and all the guys and gals commenting on her weight, I hope your bodies are tight and toned.

And take a look at your lean beautiful spouse because I’m sure they too are super gorgeous and should be gracing the pages of Vogue magazine.


It is sad to see that some people still think it is okay to make comments on another person’s shape and size even though it is none of their business.

‘Fat-shaming’ has never been okay and never will be. Nor is labelling someone as being ‘too skinny’ or ‘too thin’ or any type of ‘body-shaming’.

Hopefully a day will come we can left to be happy in our own bodies.

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