Self-Proclaimed ‘World’s Grumpiest Old Woman’ Glues Herself To Shop Window

by : UNILAD on : 25 Sep 2015 02:22

So this happened.

A woman in Croydon was feeling a bit low, naturally she then stripped down to her underwear, donned a well labelled sash, glued herself to the front of a store in Croydon, was guarded by a male accomplice, and told people of her mood over a PA system.

The woman in question spoke for approximately 25 minutes before the police brought an abrupt end to her speech, leading her away from the shop.


The scene did bring in a crowd, with an estimated 50-70 people stopping to see the commotion at Debenhams window, Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon.

As yet there is no clear reason as to why this displeased lady opted to vent her frustration in this manner, or in fact what her point was at all.

One shopper said of the sight:

She was just saying how she’s really grumpy as it says on the banner across her body and she tried joking but at the end she did say she wasn’t that grumpy. The man with her was acting like her bodyguard.”

It even seemed to bemuse police who, despite attending the scene, left shortly after having declared it was not a police matter.

Debenhams have taken it in good spirit, but have sought to clarify the woman in question’s role in future displays is unlikely.

A spokesperson for the department store said:

We can confirm she will not be a permanent fixture.”

They best have a damn good plan to draw customers in instead.

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    'World's grumpiest old woman' stages bizarre protest glued to Croydon department store window