Self-Titled ‘Chosen One’ Donald Trump Parodied By New York Daily Front Page

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Aug 2019 14:55
New York Daily News mocks Trump after he declared himself the chosen oneNew York Daily News/Twitter

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get any more self-righteous, he declared himself the ‘chosen one’.

The president has said some ridiculous things in his time but this might just top them all.


Most people didn’t know how to react to the baffling situation but thankfully New York Daily News took charge and came up with the perfect response, which they then splashed on their front page.

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Trump’s comments came about after right-wing conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root said Jewish people considered the POTUS to be both the ‘king of Israel’ and the ‘second coming of God’ on a call-in show on Newsmax.tv earlier this week.

Of course, this was the one time Trump didn’t declare something as fake news and he later took to Twitter to thank Root for the kind words.


The president then decided to take the religious theme and run with it as he declared himself the ‘chosen one’ during a press conference outside the White House on Wednesday. For added effect, he looked up at the sky while doing so.

While defending a failing trade war against China, he said:

I am the chosen one. So I’m taking on China. I’m taking on China on trade. And you know what? We’re winning.


It wasn’t long before the hashtags ‘#ChosenOne’ and ‘#AntiChrist’ began trending on Twitter but New York Daily News used the front page to express their dismay as they recreated Leonardo Da Vinci’s famed depiction of The Last Supper, which has Jesus seated at the middle of a table with his disciples on either side.

However, the paper had made a few adjustments to adhere to the president’s vision of himself. Trump can be seen in the centre of the table, his bleach-blonde hair long and flowing, while Vice President Mike Pence, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are also seated at the table.

The president’s ‘disciples’ also include two of his closest White House advisers as well as First lady Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner – though some social media users and The Da Vinci Code fans have pointed out Ivanka is placed in the same position Mary Magdalene, is said to be sat.


One commented:

That is Ivanka as the divine feminine and not Melania?

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The piece is labelled ‘The Last Whopper’ and shows the table littered with burgers and fast food cups in what is probably a nod to the time Trump served McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s to national college football champions Clemson Tigers at the start of this year.


New York Daily News also appear to have utilised the ‘Donald Trump has tiny hands’ joke, with little palms emerging from the president’s billowing robes.

New York Daily News mocks Trump after he declared himself the chosen oneNew York Daily/Twitter

I think the only thing missing is a phone which would allow Trump to tweet a picture of the event, but we’ll let them off because they’ve clearly put a lot of effort into the creation.

While a big fan of the Bible, when pushed Trump can’t pick a favourite piece of scripture. But don’t be cynical, he shows his deep connection and knowledge of the good book by declaring both the old and new testament as equal favourites…

Let’s hope the president forgets about this ‘chosen one’ thing as quickly as he dismisses gun violence and climate change.

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