Selfridges Has Officially Put Up Its Christmas Tree

Selfridges Christmas treePA

Ladies and gentlemen, it is August – we’re at the tail end of summer but the weather is still baking and people are still in flip-flops and shorts.

So why, oh why, have Selfridges decided to put up their Christmas tree now? In bloody summer where we’re three months and three weeks away from Christmas?!?

It’s like the luxury department store ‘came’ early and they said ‘you know what let’s just leave like it is’.

I know it sounds like I hate Christmas, and you’re right I do. If you’ve ever worked in retail during the Christmas period you’ll quickly realise how the festive season turns shopfloors into a scene which is akin to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Customers give staff a hard time with their constant demands, they’re up in your face from the minute they step into the store all the way to the sweet release when they leave. Only for the process to repeat itself again with the next gobs***e customer. It’s even worse when you’re a Christmas temp, you are literally the bottom of the food chain so you’re lumbered with what I like to call ‘the b**** work’.

Also in 2018, what is Christmas really? It was a celebration about the birth of Jesus, but now it’s just this weird marketing scheme which requires you to be ‘fake happy’ for a day. FYI: I grew up in a perfectly normal household.

So, Selfridges has taken it upon themselves to bring Christmas early to their department stores, beating their retail competitors to the punch in the process. According to ITV News, their shelves have already been stocked with festive decorations.

They expect to hit peak stock by next month, with customers being able to pick from a range of nearly 4,000 items. The cheapest item you can buy is a souvenir pencil for £1.95, one of the more costly items is a selection of ornate neon signs selling for around £8,500.

In a press statement, Selfridges Christmas and home buyer Eleanor Gregory said:

We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can’t buy at home.

This year it will expand to Christmas gifts for pets, the option to create a personalised family Christmas jumper and more than 50 types of tinsel ranging in price from £3 to £15 for the “ultimate tinsel garland.”

She went on to say:

Our summer Christmas shop launch simply addresses the growing demand for convenience Christmas shopping outside the traditional Christmas season.

They include a large number of domestic customers who love to Christmas shop very early in the year to get it wrapped and taken off their to-do list.

They also tell us that they like to be able to take their pick of the very best selection available whilst the range we offer is at its most comprehensive.

Happy holidays, boys and girls!

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