Senate Hopeful Smokes Weed In Campaign Advert

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Senate Hopeful Smokes Weed In Campaign AdvertGary Chambers Jr./YouTube

A Senate candidate promoting the legalisation of weed lights up a blunt in his new campaign advert. 

While marijuana is still illegal at a federal level, the recreational use and sale of cannabis is permitted in 18 states across the US, as well as Washington DC and Guam. The past two years have seen a tidal policy shift, a far cry from the ‘war on drugs’, with more and more politicians advocating for the decriminalisation of the drug.


One such hopeful lawmaker is Gary Chambers, a Louisiana Democrat looking to oust Senator John Kennedy from his seat.

You can watch it here:


In a new campaign video, titled ’37 Seconds’, Chambers discusses how marijuana-related arrests disproportionately affect minorities, and how the costs of enforcing the laws are becoming harder to justify as the years go on.


As well as being how long the video lasts, Chambers alleges that every 37 seconds someone is arrested for possession of marijuana. ‘Since 2010, state and local police have arrested an estimated 7.3 million Americans for violating marijuana laws – over half of all drug arrests,’ he says.


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‘Black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana laws than white people. States waste $3.7 billion enforcing marijuana laws every year. Most of the people police are arresting aren’t dealers, but rather people with small amounts of pot – just like me.’

In a statement released by his campaign, Chambers also warned how the legalisation of marijuana has become such a popular topic that some politicians capitalise on it ‘as an empty talking point in order to appeal to progressive voters’.


‘I hope this ad works to not only destigmatise the use of marijuana, but also forces a new conversation that creates the pathway to legalize this beneficial drug, and forgive those who were arrested due to outdated ideology,’ he said.

The video has amassed more than 370,000 views online. ‘Gary Chambers is a US Senate candidate from Louisiana and he is smoking a blunt in his new campaign ad. Politicking I can finally get behind. What a time to be alive,’ journalist Jackie Bryant wrote.

‘Jesus Christ. This is the type of sh*t our politics needs more of. I tell ya, the South would put California to shame if weed was legal here. Smoke up!’ another user wrote. ‘You know it’s 2022 when a candidate for Congress smokes a blunt in his campaign ad and it’s not a gimmick or scandalous,’ a third tweeted.


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Gary Chambers/YouTube
  1. Gary Chambers/YouTube

    "37 Seconds" - Legalize Marijuana | Gary Chambers