Serial Killer Rose West ‘Threatening To Kill Herself If She Goes Blind’


Serial killer Rose West is trying to take her own life before she goes blind, according to reports.

West was diagnosed with irreversible glaucoma in July and is believed to be horrified at the prospect of going completely blind.

The 64-year-old has been serving a life sentence since 1995 when she was convicted of 10 murders and is also said to be mourning her ‘middle class’ prison life.


A source told the Mirror

It’s already affected her sight. She’s wearing her specs all the time. She’s told people she’ll kill herself if she ends up blind. But apart from her vision, she’s fit as an ox.

West is the second woman in Britain to have been told she will die in jail. She was convicted beside her husband Fred, who killed himself while waiting trial.

The couple were responsible for the brutal murders of 10 people, including their daughter Heather and eight-year-old step-daughter Charmaine.


Her life in prison has been condemned as disgraceful given the nature of her sentence.

One prison insider said:

There’s nothing wrong with her, more’s the pity. But it’s hardly surprising, is it? She’s treated like royalty in there.

Another source argued:

She is always very welcoming to new convicts and often befriends some of the harder cases coming into the prison.

She sees herself as a barrack-room lawyer and will spend a lot of time helping people with legal problems.

West is said to have a TV, radio, coffee machine and ‘fluffy rug’ in her cell