Serial Killer Storms Out Of Interview With Piers Morgan After Brutal Questioning


Piers Morgan came face-to-face with a convicted murderer in one of the most chilling and brutal interviews of his career in journalism.

Piers, as we well know from his time on Good Morning Britain, is no stranger to asking blunt and direct questions to get to the bottom of any given topic, but even convicted murderer Mark Riebe couldn’t handle the controversial British TV personality’s line of questioning.

In the dramatic TV interview for new ITV series Crime and Punishment, Morgan tells Riebe he doesn’t believe his claims of innocence and tells him to ‘sit down like a man’ and answer the questions.

You can watch the tense interview here:

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56-year-old Riebe was convicted back in 1998 for the murder of 29-year-old Donna Callahan, on August 6th, 1989 – Ms Callahan was a pregnant mother from Pensacola in Florida and vanished suddenly from the store she worked in.

It wasn’t until Riebe’s half brother William Alex Wells told investigators it was Riebe who’d committed the murder did investigators have any clue it was him.

Prosecutors cut a deal with Wells to not pursue the death penalty and so he led them to the body – Ms Callahan’s remains were found in a shallow grave near DeFuniak Springs.

Police Handout

Riebe was sentenced to at least 25 years in jail, with his defence being, he was so intoxicated on a mixture of alcohol and medicine, he had no idea what happened and couldn’t remember.

The moment Morgan caused his interviewee to storm out of the room was when he simply put it to the convict, he was the serial killer, saying:

See Mark, I don’t believe you, I think you are a serial killer.

I think you did kill these women. I think these families of these women need justice.

Riebe responds by ripping off his microphone and storming out of the interview room, saying:

Well, you’re wrong. This is over. We’re done. I answered your questions.


While Riebe flees to the safety of his cell, Piers responds by taunting him and saying:

Why are you running away? Why don’t you sit here like a  man and answer these questions?

I know I’m not a 110lb woman you can kill. You did kill them didn’t you? You killed them all.

Since Riebe was caught for the murder of Callahan, he has since been linked to a plethora of other unsolved murders – in August of this year, for example, police say Riebe admitted to the murder of Pamela June Ray before saying he didn’t, report The Sun.

Panama City Police Chief Drew Whitman said:

We’ve talked to him occasionally but we get no new leads from him that we can actually identify him as our number one suspect.


Dennis Haley, an agent at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, was recently quoted as saying he believes Riebe to be involved in the deaths of at least six other unsolved cases.

Riebe had also been probed by police in the murders of Jaqueline Brant and Bonne Gayle Ryther in 1986 and 1978 respectively.

Clearly in all the time police have had hold of him, no one has given him as much of a grilling as Piers Morgan.