Serial Lego Thief Caught Out By Police Sting


Undercover police operations to track stolen goods normally stir up images of drug trafficking or cars, but a thief in Oregon raised eyebrows by peddling toys.

Pavel Illich Kuzik was reportedly stealing expensive Lego sets and selling them on via auction app, OfferUp.

But the 25-year-old fucked up royally after his profile on the app was identified by police and he agreed to sell them some of the Lego he had stolen.

According to The Oregonian, police have been working with department store Fred Mayer since February to solve the case of the disappearing toys.

Multnomah County Sheriff

Kuzik’s case was not strengthened after being arrested while driving a stolen vehicle and booked with ‘multiple outstanding warrants’.

The Portland man is expected to face additional charges, but has plead not guilty to third-degree theft in a separate case regarding the theft of goods worth less than $100 from a Target store.

Kuzik is currently being held at Multnomah County Jail, and with bail set at $46,234 -roughly £32,350 – play time is certainly over.