Seriously Impressive Couple Manage To Film Wedding Dance Video With 250 Guests In One Take

weddingorl fbRobert Ly

One couple have managed to create what could well be the most epic wedding video of all time.

Robert Ly and Teresa Chan, from Orlando, Florida, decided to ask all 250 of their guests to join in, and wanted the whole thing recorded in one take.

Amazingly, they managed to pull it off, with the couple and their guests performing to ‘Love Is An Open Door’, from Disney’s Frozen, and the seven minute long dance is done to perfection.

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The couple own a sushi restaurant in Orlando, and the groom tells the crowd that he has ‘faith’ in them, and that he thinks they will be able to get it done in one take.

Said guests were only briefed ten minutes before the dance actually took place, so kudos to them for their efforts.

The motivation obviously works, because the crowd were able to perform the dance in a single take, and judging by the video, it’s pretty impressive to say the least.