Seriously Painful Pictures Show Facial Piercings Using Swords, Knives and Guns

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Shocking images have hit the internet of people who have pierced their faces with swords, knives and handlebars.

The images were from an annual vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand, where participants not only put themselves through excruciating pain, but also observe a strict vegetarian diet.

They pray to the Nine Emperor Gods to ensure purification of their bodies and minds.

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During the ninth lunar month, the Chinese Taoist community believe that abstinence from meat and stimulants will ensure they obtain good health and peace of mind.

The festival is held over a nine day period in October, and originally started after a wandering Chinese opera group bought it to Phuket in 1825.

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The opera group were suffering from malaria, and were ‘cured’ after undertaking the diet.

Given we’re in 2015, just a word of caution.

If you’re feeling unwell, go to the doctor. Do not pierce your face.