Seth Rogen’s Reaction To Piers Morgan Hug Is Priceless


I think any reasonable human being would react the same way Seth Rogen did if Piers Morgan tried to hug you.

Joining the controversial presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to chat about his new movie, Bad Neighbours 2, Seth got chatting about how he doesn’t like being hugged.

He said:

What’s funny is that generally I’m a person who doesn’t like to be touched that much.

I don’t know how I portray that. I hate touching people, I’m a weird hugger. I get very tense when people try to hug me.


Obviously, Piers (being Piers) leaned in for a hug at this point – and Seth recoiled in utter horror.

Susanna Reid asked if the rejection was ‘just a Piers thing’, but Seth claimed that it’s just a general aversion to hugs. Although he might have just been being polite.

It’s endlessly watchable, though.

Not everyone is touchy feely, but I think any of us would have reacted like that.

Seth was also called out in the same interview for saying that he’d ‘kill Piers Morgan’, The Mirror reports.

Piers brought up an old interview where the comedian was playing ‘marry, fuck, kill’ – a game where you choose out of three people who you would marry, have sex with, and kill. It doesn’t have a purpose, but it’s fun.

And apparently, Seth chose to kill Piers Morgan.

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But the 51-year-old wasn’t too happy, saying:

You wanted me dead, didn’t you?

My death to you would just be way too easy.

As if the hug wasn’t already awkward enough…