Seth Rogen And Stephen Colbert Hilariously Slide Into Donald Trump Jr’s DMs


Actor Seth Rogen trolled Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr on Twitter this week.

Seth was talking to presenter Stephen Colbert, on The Late Show, about the second series of his series Preacher, but instead answered questions about his social media activity concerning Donald Trump Jr.

The actor explained how Donald Jr. follows him on Twitter, and that he decided to follow him back to ‘open up a line of communication’ with him.

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Seth had tweeted Donald Jr back in February calling on him to ask his dad to resign before he ‘destroys the planet’.

Seth spoke about how he’d realised he could slide into Donald Jr.’s DMs and had written to him directly, saying:

Hey man! It’s Seth. Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia and destroy the environment. It would be super cool of you to be like ‘yo, dad, why don’t you stop all this and go back to being just a guy on TV.’  The majority of the world would be pretty psyched. Thanks!!!

Rogen said he received ‘no response whatsoever’ so Colbert, who had also discovered the President’s son also follows him, decided to ‘reach out’ on Seth’s behalf. Or, as Seth put it, ‘double team his ass’.


The show host wrote:

Sup! Hanging with @sethrogen. Why don’t you return his DMs?

How about we all chill together and burn one?

Don’t tell @heyjamesfranco.

Would be fantastic if the messages worked, but sadly the Trump most active on Twitter is not Donald Jr.