Seth Rogen Answers Everybody’s One Burning Question About Superbad


Superbad turned ten years old yesterday, and to help all us McLovin-lovers celebrate the occasion, Seth Rogen answered a bunch of questions on Twitter.

The one question that we always wanted to know was asked and answered pretty swiftly. One Twitter user asked Seth whether they were ever sober on set, to which Seth replied:

Somehow I have a feeling that it wasn’t only alcohol that they were getting wasted on.

Seth actually sent out a fair few tweets with trivia about the film for all its super fans.

It’s testament to how good this film is that ten years on, audiences are still interested in learning more about the processes that went into its production.

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Seth signed off with this message:

Anyway, if you dig Superbad, thanks for digging it. I wrote it with my best friend in high school and we still write together. It’s lovely.

What a fucking chill guy. Not all of the tweets were quite as sentimental, and some were actually quite revealing.

For example, did you know that Seth’s mum came up with the joke about McLovin being arrested for statutory rape at the end of the film?

Well, it happened.

It seems like it was a proper family affair on this set, as Seth’s mum wasn’t the only relative involved in the process.

The vital job of dick drawing went to…

THE most iconic dick drawings in the history of cinema?

Seth’s series of tweets are full of little nuggets that just make you want to watch the film for the 500th time so we’re just going to leave these here for you to read over before you watch it this weekend. Enjoy!