Seven Killed And Hundreds Injured In Massive Explosion In China


Seven people have been killed and hundreds hospitalised after a huge explosion in the Chinese port city of Tianjin. The blast is thought to have been caused by a shipment of explosives that went up in flames.

Said explosion happened at around 11.30pm local time, and reports say that many of the injured were wounded by broken glass and stones.

Videos and tweets posted across social media show clouds of flames engulfing nearby buildings.

In less than a minute, two substantial blasts are seen. The blasts ripped buildings apart and sent chunks of debris flying through the city.

Beijing News reports that windows were shattered and doors came off hinges in the surrounding areas. Photos on social media reveal the damage…


While news continues to leak, our thoughts go out to those injured in the horrific accident, and to the friends and families of those who have died.