Shaggy’s Manager Pulled A Gun On Ali G While Filming ‘Me Julie’

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He’s taken over 10 years to tell us this, but Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed that Shaggy’s manager once pulled a gun on him while filming Me Julie.

In an Ask Me Anything segment for Reddit, the comedian wrote about the time he took up his Ali G persona to appear in a music video with Shaggy in 2002.

He said in his post:

Shaggy’s manager said to me, the director, brought us up to his villa and said ‘Listen, I’ve cast Me Julie.’ And we said ‘No no no, don’t worry about that, we’ve actually cast Me Julie, we found her in London and brought her to Jamaica.’ And he said ‘No no no, you see that woman over there?’

We look over and see a semi-naked woman in his bed. He goes ‘That is Me Julie. What time should she be on set?’ And we said ‘No, we don’t want her on set.’ And he reached into his trousers and pulled out a gun, put it on the table, and said ‘What time should she come?’ And we said “9:00. 9:00 in the morning is great.

The woman in question can be seen at 2:36, and gets hit in the head by a football just shortly after.

Cohen said this was his idea – as a way of getting back at Shaggy’s manager.

He said: “That was my own revenge that if this guy had forced me to cast this woman, she’d get smacked in the head with a soccer ball 15 times for every take.”

Probably wasn’t a fair trade for me Julie.