Sharks Have Been Discovered Thriving In Underwater Volcano


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Sharks make me uncomfortable at the best of times, so to hear that researchers have discovered a group of them thriving in scalding waters, in an underwater volcano, is a little bit unnerving.

There are thought to be at least two species of shark, hammerheads and silly sharks, living in waters in the Pacific Ocean – or more specifically, in an active underwater volcano around Kavachi.

The water is thought to be hot and dangerous even when the volcano isn’t erupting, and humans would be at risk from skin burns from the acid in the water, so to consider the fact that the sharks have adapted to not only live but thrive down there is certainly something.


Brennan Phillips, an engineer whose expedition discovered the sharks – funded by the National Geographic Society – claimed:

These large animals are living in what you have to assume is much hotter and much more acidic water, and they’re just hanging out.

It makes you question what type of extreme environment these animals are adapted to. What sort of changes have they undergone? Are there only certain animals that can withstand it?

It is so black and white when you see a human being not able to get anywhere near where these sharks are able to go.

As long as they stick to their underwater volcano and no Deep Blue Sea situation goes on, that’s fine by me and stays firmly on the fascinating side instead of the alarming one.