Shia LaBeouf Continues To Prove He Is Illuminati Confirmed



If he isn’t creating green-screen motivational videos, hurting his head in stunts gone wrong or dropping completely random freestyle rap videos, Shia LeBeouf likes to spend his time walking topless towards the heads of Mount Rushmore shouting “America!” and just casually being aggressively patriotic.

The latest video, obtained by TMZ, is just one of many recent escapades of LeBeouf which further proves he is “illuminati confirmed”, if the YouTube comments are anything to go by. But we already knew that, anyway.

“America! You know…America!” he screams as he toplessly (not a word, I know) stomps the curb towards the iconic national memorial while confused tourists walk past him.

And according to some media outlets, a woman asked Shia to “tone it down”, so he responded by asking her out on a date.

Maybe that head wound he sustained last week did more damage than we first thought…