Shia LaBeouf Has Been Arrested Again


It’s no hidden secret that Shia LaBeouf is one unpredictable motherfucker – and that sentiment has been echoed today as it emerged he has been arrested… again.

In the past, the former Holes and Even Stevens actor, who changed his artistic direction entirely, has been arrested for assault, drink driving and trespassing.

This time LaBeouf has been taken into custody for public drunkenness.

The Nymphomaniac star was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning in Georgia, USA, for disorderly conduct, obstruction and public drunkenness, reports TMZ.

More specifically – LaBeouf was taken into custody at 4am and at the time of writing, he remains there.


Just three years ago, LaBeouf was booked for a similar ordeal when he was ‘acting disorderly, yelling and being loud’ in a NYC theatre, culminating when he flat out refused to leave the theatre.

The past few years have certainly been interesting ones for Shia. He took calls all day in Liverpool, he wore a paper bag that claimed he wasn’t famous any more, he watched all of his films back to back. The list goes on.

LaBeouf is set to play the role of the John McEnroe in the upcomming film Borg/McEnroe – a film which focusses on the rivalry between, yep you guessed it, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

SF Studios

Speaking of McEnroe, Shia said: ‘I’m eager to meet him before we shoot. I got nothing but love and respect for him’.

Hopefully after today’s still unfolding events in Georgia, LaBeouf will keep on the straight and narrow.