Shia Labeouf’s Latest Stunt Is His Craziest Yet


Shia LaBeouf has pulled a few crazy stunts over the last few years but this has got to be among his weirdest yet. 

The unconventional actor and performance artist has hit the headlines recently for his controversial ‘anti-Trump’ live-stream but now it seems he’s got something else up his sleeve.

This time, LaBeouf has a bizarre new challenge, involving isolating himself in a wooden hut, in a remote part of Finland.

Kiasma Museum

Staying for more than a few hours in a freezing cold, poorly equipped cabin in a cut off part of a country does not sound at all attractive, but this is exactly what the actor has chosen to do.

Teaming up with his art collective known as LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, the trio will each spend a month inside what is basically a shed inside the Kiasma Museum, Lapland.

Apparently the odd initiative is supposed to challenge ‘society and the self’ and is titled #ALONETOGETHER, which seems appropriate at least.

Kiasma Museum

During his unappealing-sounding, month-long stint in art gallery isolation, LaBeouf will have no phone, computer or any access to the outside world, bar one video stream.

This is apparently to allow visitors to be able to interact with the actor while he’s in a state of self-inflicted seclusion.

Although it sounds like the idea of a lunatic, this latest piece aims to delve into the idea of separation and the fact we’re all constantly tied to one another through the internet.

So actually, his curious project aims to take a look into the dark side of human connectivity and make the disturbing point, actually it may seem we are surrounded by people, but in fact we are completely alone.

His new slightly unnerving venture will build upon all of his other works including, #TOUCHMYSOUL, #ALLMYMOVIES, #TAKEMEANYWHERE, #ELEVATE and #HEWILLNOTDIVIDEUS.

All of these are meant to be all connected and explore themes of unity, empathy, celebrity, identity, technology and division.

For art or not, still pretty weird challenge to inflict upon yourself.

But it’s classic Shia and we love it.