Shipwreck Stuck At Edge Of Niagara Falls Starts Moving For First Time In 101 Years

by : Emily Brown on : 04 Nov 2019 18:39
Niagara Falls shipwreck moved for first time in over 100 yearsNiagara Falls shipwreck moved for first time in over 100 yearsNiagara Parks/Twitter

A shipwreck stuck on the rocks above Niagara Falls for over a century started to creep towards the edge of the waterfall after a heavy Halloween storm. 


The Iron Scow ship, which is similar to a barge, became lodged on the Canadian side of the attraction in 1918 after it broke loose from its tug, resulting in the dramatic rescue of its two passengers.

The wreck has since become a key part of the folklore surrounding the falls, as it clung to the rocks at the top for decades without ever crashing over the edge.

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A heavy Halloween storm has started the Iron Scow’s downfall however, as the rain and winds created a strong current in the river, which in turn caused the ship to move for the first time since getting stuck, CBC reports.

Officials from Niagara Parks revealed the ship had ended up more than 150-feet downstream from its usual position.

In a video of the scene, senior manager of heritage Jim Hill explained:

It has been in place for over 101 years but it appears that last night, on Halloween, that the scow shifted.

It appears to have sort of flipped on its side and spun around. It’s not in the exact same spot it was yesterday. We think it’s about 50 metres down river from its original location.

What we think has happened now is that it’s turned and twisted in the very heavy current and flow of the river and is stuck where it is now.

Shipwreck at Niagara FallsShipwreck at Niagara FallsPA Images

Hill pointed out there’s no telling how long the wreck might be stuck for, explaining it could be ‘days’ or ‘years’ and adding: ‘It’s anyone’s guess.’

When the boat became stuck in 1918, the men on board the Iron Scow had to open its bottom dumping doors in order to ground it on the rocks and stop it going over the edge of the falls.

It took the help of the Niagara Parks police, Niagara Falls fire and police departments, the US Coast Guard and a First World War veteran to save them.


Hill revealed the ship has deteriorated badly over the years, saying there isn’t a lot of the scow left.

The ship is now resting close to the edge of Horseshoe Falls – the largest of the three falls at Niagara.

Niagara Falls CEO, David Adames, assured visitors authorities will be notified if the wreck seems like it will go over the falls, so precautions for tourism can be taken.

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