Shocking Bodycam Footage Shows Police Killing Homeless Man After ‘Surrendering’


WARNING: Graphic content

In what appears to be yet another example of an over-zealous response by U.S. police, new bodycam footage shows officers kill a homeless man who appears to raise his arms in surrender. 

The Evansville Police Department in Indiana released the shocking clip of Daniel J. Wooters, 38, being shot seven times by three separate cops, The Mirror reports.

He later died in hospital.

Daniel-Wooters-38Evansville Police Department

The clip begins with Daniel emerging from a stolen police cruiser after a high-speed pursuit.

It appears that he’s wielding a knife, but is also seen holding up his hands as he steps out of the car before police begin firing.

Police say the footage supports their accounts of the killing, which included the allegation that Wooters refused to drop the knife.

The-Evansville-Police-released-the-body-camera-footageEvansville Police Department

Earlier reports indicated that he was fatally shot after ‘charging at an officer with a knife’ and threatening to kill them, but this video seems to tell a very different story.

The whole incident transpired after police were called to a restaurant where Wooters was making threats to kill, according to officers, before he tried attacking a female cop with a knife. He then drove off in a police car.

The-Evansville-Police-released-the-body-camera-footage (1)Evansville Police Department

This shocking footage was finally released after a request from the Evansville Courier and Press back in March, when Wooters was killed.