Shocking Dashcam Video Shows White Cop Killing Black Teen By Shooting Him 16 Times


Shocking dash-cam footage has finally been released which shows the disgraceful moment a white police officer in the U.S. killed a black teenager by shooting him sixteen times as he lay on the ground.

The graphic seven-minute video shows how Jason Van Dyke repeatedly shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in Chicago on the night of October 20 last year.

The officer’s defence was that he felt threatened, but the horrific footage does not corroborate his story, as he fired at the teen at point blank range repeatedly in the chest and then for a further 13 seconds while the defenceless young man lay motionless on the ground.

Witnesses said McDonald, who was carrying a folding knife, never spoke to Officer Van Dyke nor did he do anything threatening toward him. According to Gawker, one witness described the shooting of the teen as “an execution”.

Van Dyke, 37, was charged with first-degree murder on Monday, more than a year after the killing.

The judge ordered the dash-cam footage, which the police didn’t want you to see, be released to the public by today.

As reported by the Mail Online, the revelations from the trial, and the video itself, have sparked protests across Chicago, as hundreds gathered outside police stations and formed human blockades across roads in the city’s West Side.


Chillingly, it also turns out there may have been more footage of the murder which the public may never see, because the police allegedly erased it.

A Burger King district manager has claimed that 86 minutes of important surveillance recording disappeared on the night of the shooting.

According to NBC, the restaurant has a series of outdoor security cameras which would have captured the lead up to the fatal shooting.

However, according to BK manager Jay Darshane, four or five police officers entered the restaurant on the night of the shooting and asked to view security footage. Three hours later they left, but it was discovered the next day that almost an hour-and-a-half of video was missing.

Darshane said:

We had no idea they were going to sit there and delete files. I mean, we were just trying to help the police officers.

So that’s cold blooded murder and an alleged police cover up. Absolutely terrifying.