Shocking Details About Christina Grimmie Murderer’s Obsession Revealed

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It’s been revealed that Christina Grimmie’s killer embarked on a mission to change his appearance in an attempt to win her affection, before going on to kill her.

The 22-year-old singer was meeting with fans after performing at the Plaza Live venue in Orlando, Florida on Friday when Kevin James Loibl walked towards her and shot her.

The 27-year-old turned the gun on himself after being tackled by Christina’s brother Marcus.

Now, Loibl’s co-workers have made claims allegedly revealing the extent of his twisted infatuation with her.

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According to TMZ, Loibl went on a mission to make himself more appealing to Grimmie and underwent hair transplants, Lasik eye surgery, and became vegan to lose weight.

He would also listen to her music at work and vow she would be his wife.

His co-workers added that Loibl said he met Christina at one of her shows, and that he played online games with her. A source close to the singer, however, told TMZ Christina never had contact with Loibl.

When co-workers teased him that he would never get with Christina as she had a boyfriend – while that relationship was never made public or actually confirmed – it allegedly enraged Loibl.

Police have revealed that there is ‘no indication’ that Loibl knew Christina, nor has there been any sign so far that he was in contact with the singer via social media.