Shocking Footage Of Policeman’s Violent Unprovoked Attack On Woman

by : UNILAD on : 28 May 2016 14:24

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a woman was aggressively attacked by a policeman during a protest in France.


In the clip, the officer – apparently unprovoked – can be seen to grab the woman by the throat and violently throw her against some railings before she crumples to the ground.

The man filming then rushes forward to help the obviously distressed woman as the policeman strides away, seemingly disinterested.


According to the Daily Mail, the disturbing incident took pace in Toulouse amid violent scenes that have been unfolding across France as mass strikes in response to proposed labour law reforms sweep the nation.


The legislation could potentially end the legal protection of a maximum 35-hour working week and could make it easier to hire and fire people.

President Francois Hollande argues the reforms will reduce unemployment, but others see them as an attack on labour rights.


Jean Durand, a member of the CGT union, which is leading the call for walkouts said: 

The nation is angry, and has every right to express itself… we’ll continue our protests until the government backs down.

Masked protesters have smashed windows of shop fronts, and petrol pumps nationwide have run dry, causing huge queues on the roads after oil production was frozen by strikes at refineries.


At one point as many as half of France’s 12,000 petrol stations are now empty, as riot police were sent in to try and lift blockades of fuel refineries.


However, all but one of the blockades have now been cleared and a government spokesman has claimed the situation is ‘improving everywhere, all over the country’.

That remains to be seen.

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  1. Daily Mail

    Horrific moment woman is punched in the FACE and rammed against railings by an armed police officer as labour riots spread across France