Shocking Footage Shows Aftermath Of Bridge Collapsing Onto Busy Motorway


Shocking footage shows a motorway bridge which collapsed after being struck by a lorry, crushing vehicles beneath it.

The incident occurred on the M20 motorway in Kent and miraculously only one person is being treated for injuries, reports The Sun.

Police have closed the motorway in both directions between junctions 3 and J4 after a truck rammed into the concrete walkway.

Images from the scene show two trucks trapped under the rubble while video footage shows the top of one lorry’s trailer smashed off and debris scattered across the tarmac.

It is thought the accident was caused when cargo fell from the back of a lorry causing another to swerve across the lanes before striking the bridge.

Witness Kalpana Fitzpatrick told Sky News: 

What we can see is two trucks squashed by this bridge and emergency services are at the scene. From what I can tell they are treating one person.

There are quite a lot of people just walking around the motorway not knowing what’s going on.

The scene is being managed by Kent Police with a spokesperson saying:

Officers are in attendance along with Kent Fire and Rescue Service and South East Coast Ambulance Service. No one is believed to be trapped in the rubble, however one person is believed to have suffered injuries.

Paramedics have reported that a motorcyclist had a lucky escape after being struck by rubble as he rode underneath. They said the 50-year-old man is currently in hospital with broken ribs.


Highways England says the road is expected to be closed for up to six hours as double the amount of people are expected to hit the motorways for Bank Holiday weekend.

If you’re heading that way, maybe look for a different route…