Syrian Girl Hit By Airstrike Thanks Rescuers In Heart-Wrenching Video

AP/Lefteris Pitarakis

UK MPs voted in support of more airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, with a massive majority, and many British people couldn’t understand why…

Critics questioned whether bombing the terror group would be the best way to defeat Isis and airstrikes’ accuracy in general – with a potential for thousands of innocent Syrian civilians to be killed, injured, or made homeless after the bombing.


More and more videos are emerging of the devastating impact these airstrikes can have on Syrian citizens, and this one is utterly heart-wrenching.

The footage was filmed after a series of airstrikes devastated a Syrian suburb, with one hitting this little girl’s home. She’s defied all of the odds and survived, as she is pulled out of the wreckage by a group of men.


She’s lucky to be alive, but you know in your heart of hearts that it’s highly unlikely that her family’s fate would have been the same.

Once the young girl is dragged to safety, she repeatedly thanks her rescuers and immediately questions them asking where her mum, dad and siblings are.


One of the men tells her that her family members are okay, but it’s so tough to recognise if he’s merely trying to keep her calm in this tragic incident.

It’s likely he doesn’t know yet or in the worst case scenario, he may know the worst. We only hope that her family did survive just as she did.

This really does bring tears to your eyes.