Shocking Footage Shows How ‘Russian Hooligans’ Trained For Euros

by : UNILAD on : 15 Jun 2016 16:35


This shocking footage claims to show Russian ‘ultras’ battling it out to become the elite 150 hooligans to fight at Euro 2016. 


Those wanting to join the group had to prove themselves in an MMA ring or in secluded woods while they were watched by a ‘panel’ of the gang’s brutal leaders, The Sun reports.

In the brutal clip, two packs of fighters are facing off, before charging full pelt at one another.


Each thug tries to prove their strength and brute force, as they try to batter each other.


Once making it through the first stage, they then had to suffer savage beatings at the hands of those already in the circle, the Daily Mail reports.

This clip has emerged after violence marred England’s opening game against Russia last Saturday, leaving one English man fighting for his life in hospital with severe brain damage.


Russia and England fans were involved in violent clashes on the streets of Marseille ahead of their match, with hooligans charging at each other in the stands after the match finished.

Shocking GoPro footage revealed the sheer nature of the ‘ultras’ attacks on England fans, with many getting punched and kicked repeatedly, before they hurled chairs and objects at them.


Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin has since described the Russian ultras as ‘extremely well-trained’, ‘hyper-violent’ and ‘hyper rabid’.

UEFA has now threatened Russia with disqualification from Euro 2016 if there is more fan violence inside stadiums, having already been fined 150,000 Euros for their disorderly conduct during their first game.


Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko described the punishment as ‘excessive’ and said the fine was ‘huge’.

If this footage turns out to be true, you’ve got to say it’s a pretty fucked up way to spend your time. At the end of the day, thousands of fans have flocked to France just to cheer on their national team and enjoy themselves, that’s it, not to be a part of this brutality.


Football has no place for this kind of violence. Period.

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