Matador Gored ’30cm Deep’ In The Bum By Bull In Shocking Footage

by : Tom Percival on : 22 Mar 2017 08:33


Shocking footage has revealed the moment a matador was gored through the bum by a colossal bull’s giant horn.


Antonio Romero was fighting with Caporal, a 1,160lb bull, when the animal rather understandably became annoyed at the Matador’s attacks and speared the bullfighter through his rump.

Romero was left writhing in agony in front of crowds in Mexico City and his injuries, The Mirror reports, were ‘severe’ as the bull’s horn had left a deep wound in his rectum.

Watch the gory video here:


The Matador was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries and it’s reported that the bull had destroyed his anal sphincter.

Dr Rafael Vazquez Bayod, who’s treating Romero, said:

It is serious and deep – approximately 30 centimetres.  At this moment we will operate in the hospital.


In the footage Caporal can be seen with numerous wounds along his side from where Romero’s spear had been thrust into his body, as is tradition in the cruel blood sport.

Unfortunately for Romero the bull quickly got the better of him and he was knocked to the ground and speared by the bull’s massive horn.

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