Shocking Footage Shows Passengers Control Bus After Driver Dies At Wheel

by : UNILAD on : 17 Aug 2016 13:49


Shocking footage has emerged of the moment passengers were forced to take control of a bus after their driver died at the wheel.


CCTV footage shows a bus driver collapsing before commuters scrambled to stop the bus in Putain City, China.

The incident happened during the busy morning commute at 8.43am, and the passengers have not only been credited with preventing injury to dozens of others on the bus at the time, but also to oncoming pedestrians and cars, the Daily Mail reports.

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Surveillance footage from the vehicle shows the bus driver, known as Song, 42, suffering what appears to be a heart-attack before slumping over the wheel.


Luckily for everyone on board and in the path of the bus, the commuters were able to take control within seconds as it began veering towards the left and breaking through a line of traffic dividers.

According to reports, six passengers ran to the front of the bus as it entered the opposite lane, with one man stepping on the brake and a woman pulling the key from the ignition.

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They managed to stop the vehicle as it was crossing the road’s traffic – just before reaching a bus stop full of people nearby.

Although a group managed to pull Song from the driver’s seat and paramedics attempted to revive him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials from the bus company where Song was employed said he had been declared fit for work during a recent medical check in June, but further investigation is underway to determine his exact cause of death.

A sad story, but an amazing move from the passengers who were on the bus.

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