Shocking Footage Shows Prisoner In Agony After Being ‘Force Fed’ Legal Highs

Sunday People

A harrowing clip has emerged of a prisoner on legal highs rolling around in agony as inmates watch and laugh.

The man is having a violent seizure and seems to be drifting in and out of consciousness as fellow convicts film him on an illegal mobile phone.

Sunday People

One bloke – who senses a potential disaster – shouts to him to ‘breathe’. There seems to be no prison staff in sight as the man – who is believed to have been force-fed drugs – is clearly in need of help.

The clip obtained by the Sunday People highlights major security failings in Britain’s prisons systems as super-strength legal highs flood jails across the UK.

Sunday People

A source told the Sunday People: “These are really ­unpleasant scenes. This is supposed to be a secure jail. To see a situation like this unfold is nothing short of a disgrace.”

A convict filmed his fellow prisoners ordeal on a smuggled camera phone, after he had taken a legal high. They mimic the affects of cannabis, but are actually far stronger.

They are freely sold on the web in Britain as research chemicals, but use the ‘not for human consumption’ loophole and are sold for as little as £8.49 per gram.

It’s thought they are on the rise in prison as they can be easily smuggled in because sniffer dogs cannot detect them.

Sunday People

The source went on to claim that the man in the footage – which was shot at HMP Onley in Rugby, Warwickshire – was deliberately forced into overdosing on the drug as a punishment for being unable to allegedly pay money to some gang members.

What makes this whole thing a lot worse is that Prison Service officials have kept quiet about the incident and repeatedly refused to give an account of what actually happened leading to the man’s collapse or what treatment he received afterwards.

If this doesn’t shock the Prison Service into changing their system I don’t know what will…