Shocking Footage Shows Thieves In Rio During Olympics


Between Zika virus fears, flesh eating ‘cannibal’ drugs, and uninhabitable athletes quarters, the Rio Olympics aren’t off to a great start – and new footage shows it’s not too safe on the streets, either.

Shocking footage has emerged showing a number of young men and women brazenly walking up to people and attempting to steal from them, often violently and successfully.

And there’s pretty much nothing that these thieves won’t do.

Τα κλεφτρόνια δεν αστειεύονται στο Ρίο. #Υoung #Thieves #OlympicGames #Rio2016 #Brazil

Posted by VOIDtv on Friday, August 5, 2016

The petty thieves walk close to their victims, make no attempt to hide their intentions, and at the opportune moment, they swipe personal belongings from passers-by.

With the Olympics in full swing, Rio is no doubt a prime location for petty theft right now – and the footage proves it.

If you’re in Rio or heading there at some point to watch the Olympics, keep your personal items close. Jewellery, phones, wallets and cameras are especially easy to steal if they’re on show.

Earphones, cash, handbags, backpacks – anything that’s not protected – is fair game.


Even a spokesman for the Australian Olympic Chiefs, Mike Tancred, told the Daily Telegraph that the security in Rio is currently in shambles.

He said:

The organising committee needs to do more, particularly at security checkpoints. The host nation is responsible for the safety of the 10,500 athletes who are in Rio right now, and it is just not good enough.


Despite the heavy police presence though, the Games have been plagued by crime, with three Swedish nationals briefly kidnapped last week, as well as daily murders and muggings, reports.

Day one of the Games also saw a controlled bomb blast near the cycling finish line and a stray bullet fired into a tent at the Olympic equestrian venue.

If you’re in Rio, stay safe and vigilant.