Referee Hospitalised After Shocking Act Of Violence During Match

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2016 15:14

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A referee in Argentina has ended up in hospital after being punched in the face by a player during a league game.


The disgraceful incident occurred during Atletico Quilmes’ clash with Sportivo Norte, which was understandably abandoned following the assault.

The game ended 0-0 after referee Silvio Ruiz was taken to hospital.

Check it out:



During the clip, you can see the perpetrator, Quilmes defender Leonardo Vera, berating the referee, before the official turns round to caution him.

Vera then completely loses his head and strikes out at Ruiz three times, connecting clean in the face once, before being dragged away by three team mates.

Sportivo’s coach, Juan Orellana said:

It is worrying that these things happen in a match.

When you are playing football, you have to calm down, there was no reason to end it like this.

We all know that football can be an emotional game at times, but there’s no excuse for something as horrendous as this.

The incident was obviously shocking, and something that isn’t acceptable on a football field, or in any walk of life.

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