Shocking Moment ‘Islamist Jihadi Is Blown Up While Recording Propaganda Video’

by : UNILAD on : 28 Nov 2015 19:47

New footage appears to show the moment a jihadi fighter was blown up as he recorded a propoganda video, when a mortar suddenly landed on him.


The viral clip, posted on YouTube, appears to show how the unlucky combat-gear clad extremist met his grisly and sudden end, as he was swallowed by a fireball mere moments after he started to spout ISIS hate speech .

The bearded man in the video is believed to have belonged to Islamic militant group Ajnad al-Sham, an affiliate of Islamic State – in the footage, he describes how the group had captured Tal Sukayk in the Hama countryside.

According to the Mail Online’s translation, the man says “Thank God, it turned out to be easier than we thought despite the fact that this position was very important”, before the clip is cut abruptly short by the explosion.


A flash of orange suddenly fills the screen and screams can be heard as the man on screen disappears in a thick plume of smoke. The mortar reportedly claimed the lives of both the speaker and the cameraman, Ahmed Abu Hamza.

Those who posted the video to YouTube have attributed the attack to the Syrian Arab Army.

The video was actually posted online earlier this month, on November 7, but in light of recent events, it has suddenly gone viral and been viewed over a million times.

Some have questioned the veracity of the video, pointing out that it would be strange for an ISIS affiliate to post the clip online. One commenter described the clip as “fake” and attributed its creation to a rival group.

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