Shocking Moment Leopard Attacks Tour Guide In South Africa

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Tourist Grant Ford and his son captured a shocking incident on camera recently when touring Kruger National Park, after seeing a leopard attack a tour guide and then get run over twice by park rangers.

The clearly pissed off leopard attacked guide Curtis Plumb, grabbing and locking onto his arm. Obviously, this isn’t ideal, but neither is running it over TWICE, which is exactly what happened. And after deciding the animal was too injured to carry on living (because being run over twice kind of does that to you), they put it to sleep.

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The leopard was of course in its own natural habitat, and understandaly isn’t a big fan of park rangers driving past all day every day – and while the driver WAS defending himself with a vehicle full of tourists, it makes you wonder just how acceptable not only tourist parks are but zoos also.

Given they essentially cage animals and invade their natural habitat, what happened to this leapord seems needless and tragic.