Shocking Moment London Terror Attacker Was Shot Caught On Camera

Aaron Tsang/Twitter

Footage has captured the moment the London terror attacker was shot.

The video, which was taken on the phone camera of Taiwanese tourist Aaron Tsang, shows people running away from the gates of the palaces of Westminster, screaming.

Amid the furore of people fleeing the scene, three gun shots can be heard as police open fire on the knife-wielding assailant, quashing the brutal attack on Wednesday afternoon.


The footage corroborates eye-witness reports, which state a man with a knife stabbed a police officer – who has since been identified as 48-year-old Keith Palmer – while he manned a security gate at Westminster. Tragically, his wounds were fatal.

The two-minute video shows civilians running towards the individual, who was filming across the street from Westminster, in Parliament Square.

Reaching safety, they begin to speculate that the commotion was caused by a terror attack, sounding audibly shaken.


A man off camera can be heard saying:

They shot him. [He] was running with a knife. They shot him. The police was trying to get him, he came running down there.

Another adds, ‘We think it was an attempt or an attack or something because they shot. Look, police are putting everything down.’


As more police arrive on the scene, he could be overheard worrying aloud, ‘That’s not normal.’ Moments later, a black car could be seen leaving Westminster.

You can watch the footage, which was posted to Twitter below:

The death toll of this heinous attack stands at five, and at least 40 people were injured. The first civilian victim was named as Aysha Frade, a mum-of-two. The attacker has not been named by police.

PM Theresa May said the attack was ‘sick and depraved’. Metropolitan Police are treating it as a ‘terrorist incident’.