Shocking Moment Triple Murderer Avoids Trial By Jumping Off Balcony To His Death


Warning: Graphic content.


A man, who was supposed to face trial for repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl and then killing her, committed suicide in court.

Robert Seman Jr, 48, jumped from the fourth floor of the Mahoning County Courthouse in Ohio when he was there for a status hearing before his trial.

He was on trial for the murder of 10-year-old Corrine Gump and her grandparents Bill and Judy Schmidt who were found dead in their home which had been set alight on Monday.

Mahonin County Assistant Prosecutor, Dawn Cantalamessa said:

I think it’s very telling. He knew the evidence against him. Every witness we talked to in preparation for the case.

They didn’t know why he was not pleading guilty or not asking for some kind of plea so this is very telling to anyone out there.

The footage shows the horrifying moment that he runs to the fourth floor balcony before falling to his death.

Seman Jr died one day before jury selection was set to begin on his triple murder trial in Youngstown.

Sheriff Jerry Green said Seman was in ‘good spirits’:

He was talking about the future of his trial, and he just decided to jump.


Seman Jr could have been facing the death penalty if he was convicted of aggravated murder.

Some people are upset that justice can not be properly served.