Shocking Moment Police Officer Bodyslams Young Suspect

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jun 2016 12:51


American police officers are under more scrutiny then ever before, for their sometimes O.T.T reaction to dealing with criminals, so it’s fair to say that this latest video won’t do that image any favours. 


This is the shocking moment a police officer bodyslams a young criminal while trying to arrest him.

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The footage shows the pair wrestling against a wall, as the youth resists arrest and grabs the policeman in a headlock.

That’s when the officer picks up the suspect and slams him onto the hard concrete floor, in a brutal show of force.

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Several onlookers show their dismay at the escalating situation, as the cry out to the boy who himself cries out for his mum.

The cop seems unconcerned about the use of force, as he proceeds to handcuff the young man who is lying on his front, moaning in pain.

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Sadly, this kind of footage is becoming all too common as racial tensions continue to escalate in the United States, amid cops being accused of using more excessive force against people of colour.

While clearly this guy is resisting arrest, surely there’s a better way to deal with this kind of situation?

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    Police officer BODYSLAMS a suspect who cries out for his mother as he is knocked out cold