Shocking Moment Shows Cyclist’s ‘Death Wish’ Almost Granted

Cyclist inches away from deathViralHog

The age-old war between motorists and cyclists is never-ending. It’s a conflict as deep-rooted as cats and dogs and West Ham versus Millwall

One group is battling for overall supremacy on the road while the other only wants a fair share of the cake, I’ll let you decide who’s who in that analogy.

The issues between cyclists and motorists is one which creates arguments for and against both sides, however it always circles back to road safety and more-often-than-not it’s cyclists who come off worse for wear, and it all too frequently results in serious injuries and fatalities.

And while there is a strong argument which supports the fact motorists need to be more mindful of cyclists on the road, it would be naive to think some cyclists are not the architects of road accidents at times. Such is the case with one callous cyclist who was inches away from being hit by a driver.

This is how close the cyclist was to being hit:

The incident occurred only last week, August 2, in Nuneaton, northern Warwickshire. According to the driver, who recorded the footage via a camera on his dashboard, he was ‘Driving home from work when this idiot came flying out in front of me’.

The driver, who has remained unnamed was rightfully peeved as the negligent cyclist rode right across from him at a pedestrian crossing, despite the fact the driver was on a green light and had the right of way. The cyclist was inches from becoming a Damien Hurst artwork with the driver’s windscreen as the canvas.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) report from 2016, UK cycling statistics sttae 18,477 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents, including 3,499 who were killed or seriously injured.

ROSPA’s report indicates the majority of the road accidents in 2016 were adults, with children making up 10 per cent of the on-road cycling accidents.

Alarmingly, the report claims the older the child gets the more likely they are to be susceptible to a cycling accident with 10-15 year olds facing the greatest risk.

Furthermore, males are more likely to be involved in cycling accidents than females, the report says in 2016 81% of those injured in a reported road traffic accident were male.