Shocking Moment Teenager Is Intentionally Run Over By Car During Schoolyard Brawl

by : UNILAD on : 09 Nov 2015 16:44

A shocking video shows the moment a schoolyard brawl escalated completely out of control and a teenage girl was run over by a car in a horrific hit-and-run incident.

As reported by the Mirror Online, 14-year-old DeBreanna Hunter was left with serious injuries after the vehicle rolled over her prone body and she was left for dead.


The crazy footage shows how the mass brawl broke out as several teenagers starting scrapping in the playground. However, the incident appeared to be calming down when, suddenly, the car appeared out of nowhere, swerved across the grass and headed straight for the young girl.

The distressing incident went down on Friday (November 6) outside Cullen Middle School in Houston, Texas and, it’s not even clear if poor DeBreanna was part of the fight or if she was just an innocent bystander who got caught up in the madness.


Speaking to Fox 26 News, DeBreanna’s mother, Aurelia Hunter, explained the extent of her daughter’s injuries, and vowed that she would track down the scumbag who ran over the teenager.


She said:

This lady just literally ran over her like a piece of foil. Literally broke every piece of her body. She has a broken, crushed pelvis. Broken hips, broken ribs, broken leg. Her liver is split in two. She has pins in her hips. Pins in her legs.

You will got to jail, and you will look us in the face, and you will have to answer to a higher judge and say you didn’t even stop to apologise. You just up and left. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I don’t care who did what. I wouldn’t do that to a child.

According to reports, DeBreanna remains in intensive care in a Texas hospital.


Her mother believes she knows the identity of the woman who was driving the car and is now working with detectives to catch the suspect. Let’s hope they’re able to track her down because this is an absolute disgrace!

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    Teenager 'broke every piece of her body' when car 'intentionally ran her over' during fight