Shocking Moment Traffic Warden Attacks Motorist For Filming Him

by : Tom Percival on : 02 Nov 2016 15:21


A motorist who’d just dropped an ill family member off at hospital recorded the dramatic moment an angry traffic warden hit him after the man started filming him.


The anonymous driver alleges he’d just dropped a family member off close to Homerton Hospital in Hackney, East London, when he spotted the warden walking by his car.

Not wanting to get a ticket he jumped in the car and drove off. However as he pulled away the parking officer told the man he would be sure to send him a ticket in the post.


At this point the Daily Mail report that the motorist began filming the encounter, driving alongside the warden and informing him he was recording the incident.


The parking officer does his best to try and ignore the man however eventually does an about turn and begins to berate the driver telling him he’ll sue him before smacking him round the head.


The driver explained the situation to the Mail Online:

I asked him why he was going to give me a ticket when I had driven off already, but he didn’t answer me. I warned him that he was being videoed and asked him to explain why he was giving me a parking ticket.

I told him I was going to send it a complaint, but he ignored me and then hit out. I left for my personal safety. I would not expect this kind of thing to happen in a civilised country.

A spokesperson for Hackney council denied that they were covering up any complaints about the officer and claim the warden is employed by APCOA, a private company.

APCOA has claimed they’re investigating the incident and say they will take appropriate action once they’ve concluded their investigation.

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    Shocking video shows a traffic warden lashing out at a motorist who was filming him as he worked