Shocking Prison Video Shows Brutal Attack On Inmate

by : UNILAD on : 04 Sep 2016 13:35

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A sickening video shows the dark side of prison life as an inmate is beaten to a pulp by a fellow prisoner.


The shocking footage, filmed inside the prison on an illegal phone, was posted online and shows the inmate cowering in fear as his fellow convict beats him to a pulp.

The brutal footage was first obtained by the Daily Star and recorded on a smuggled phone at HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.

The victim can be heard begging for mercy in the disgusting clip, as the tattooed thug punches him while wearing MMA gloves, as the guy filming the assault eggs him on.

The masked attacker then stamps on his fellow inmate’s head and threatens to break his leg.


It’s believed that the unfortunate prisoner was assaulted over a drug deal, with an insider telling the Star that the attack was over the recently banned cannabis substitute Spice.

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The video was posted online by the victim’s mother, in a bid to highlight violent bullying in Britain’s jails.

She said:

My son was savagely assaulted and an inmate was allowed to film the attack on a mobile phone. This is the footage that was posted on the internet for some twisted form of entertainment.

Apparently, Lindholme has been rocked by a number of drug and violence scandals in recent years and this shocking footage will leave many wondering what is going on behind the bars.

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