Shocking Reason Woman Demanded Soldier Remove Service Dog From Restaurant

RJ Wiso / Youtube

A woman who was recorded arguing about a service dog being in a restaurant said she shouted at customers and staff because people were ‘being racist’ to her.

Ciara Miller is the woman in question, she was recorded arguing in Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware about a dog being in the restaurant and she says she stands by her comments.

She told TMZ before the video was recorded, a woman at the restaurant had called her the ‘n-word’ and ‘other customers hurled racial slurs’ at her for leaving because she ‘didn’t like the dog being near her while she was eating’.

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This, she says is why she was captured on video screaming and shouting at them all.

Ciara said she was ‘grossed out’ by the service dog, but said she was ‘leaving peacefully’ until she was ambushed in front of her daughter by the woman and other customers.

She also told TMZ she has family members who served in the military who suffer with PTSD and she understands the need for service dogs, but she doesn’t like them being in restaurants.

RJ Wiso / Youtube

The video was originally shared by the owner of the restaurant.