Shocking Snapchat Footage Shows Girl Attacked By Tiger On Leash


WARNING: Graphic content.


Shocking Snapchat footage has emerged of a young girl being attacked by a tiger in Saudi Arabia.

The disturbing video shows the wild big cat being walked around on a lead as if it were ‘a tame dog’ reports the Daily Star.

A number of young children can be seen walking casually around the tiger, but as one small girl walks close to it, the tiger suddenly lunges, throwing her to the floor.

Extremely quickly, the tiger has the toddler pinned to the ground and her screams can be heard before the video cuts out.


Gulf News reports witnesses to the attack, which too place near a market in Sakaka, said the trainer managed to intervene and save the girl, who’s father has filed a lawsuit against the tamer.

There have been numerous attacks of similar nature due to the Gulf States trend of keeping large wild animals as pets, so let’s just hope that this little girl makes a full recovery from her terrifying ordeal.