Shocking Social Experiment Shows How People Treat Person With Cerebral Palsy

by : UNILAD on : 03 Jan 2016 16:07

A man with cerebral palsy carried out a social experiment to see how the general public would react to someone with disabilities and, honestly, many of the results will shock you.


25-year-old Jordon Milroy, from Aukland, New Zealand, was filmed by A Current Affair asking people on the street questions or just trying to get their attention, to show the kind of discrimination he faces on a daily basis.

Sadly, a worrying amount of those he spoke to tried to brush him off or avoid talking to him entirely, while many just flat out ignored him, which Jordon said made him feel like an alien. Horrendously, one man actually shooed Jordon away when he tried to chat to him.

In some instances, it was only when Jordon’s friend Conan Visser, from the special needs charity ICANIWILL, also approached them that they become friendlier and more willing to help.

Speaking to ACA, Jordon said:


People were really negative and completely just blocked me out like I wasn’t even there. They completely ignored me, and that made me feel like I was worth nothing. If that man fobbed me off what type of person is he really?

The experiment shows the kind of extreme reactions Jordon experiences every day, with many unsure how to react to somebody with disabilities. Jordon, however, noted that people with disabilities and special needs are the same as anyone else, and just want to be treated as such and to be included.

Thankfully, there were also a number of positive responses to Jordon, which are shown at the end of the video. Those people were more than happy to help, offering to aid him or give him directions.

Jordon is a disability campaigner and public speaker, who raises funds for purpose built wheelchairs for rough terrain. He is currently on a mission to climb the world’s tallest towers in order to raise awareness about disabilities.

You can find out more about Jordon’s campaign on his Facebook page.

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