Shocking Video Shows Man Strangling Mother While Wife Films And Cheers


A man has been filmed by his wife attempting to kill his elderly mother by strangling her in front of their young daughter.

Surendra Vaidya can be seen wrapping a cloth around his 80-year-old mother Mayawati’s face to strangle her as his wife cheers him on.

The disturbing video was filmed in Mumbai, India and shows the woman struggling against her son, kicking her arms and legs in the air.


The man’s wife, who filmed the attack, can be heard encouraging him and can be seen holding the woman’s hand to stop her getting up, saying: “This woman is so stubborn.”

At one point, the man can be heard telling his daughter to stab her grandmother in the stomach.

Luckily, the woman was saved after a NGO worker who received a tip off arrived at the home just in time.


According to The Mirror, she was taken to hospital and is said to be recovering.

The man was arrested amid reports that he had been abusing his mother for many years.

The daughter in law and granddaughter are currently on the run from the authorities.